Our Intention… Our Passion

Grateful Greens is dedicated to supporting your efforts in optimal nutrition by providing fresh, organically grown and certified premium quality Wheatgrass and Sprouts. These offerings are provided from a food safe environment audited by a third party and via processes which insure exceptional freshness and amazing premium quality. Our passion is to deliver highly nutritious, food safe, fresh and great tasting offerings with each order . . . . . having orders filled correctly and delivered as expected.

Wheatgrass and Sprouts are among nature’s most nutrient-dense foods. By adding Wheatgrass juice and Sprouts to your diet, you will be adding more nutrition per ounce than you can through any other food source.They are a major source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. In addition, they’re delicious to eat. Sprouts can be combined with other vegetables and fruits and made into energy-enhancing juices and smoothies. With their fresh, lively flavor Sprouts are a great addition to salads, sandwiches, soups, wraps, and stir-fries.They provide a satisfying crunch while greatly boosting the vitamin and mineral content of everyday foods.

Food Safety – Buyer Confidence

Grateful Greens is committed to maintaining a food safe environment and having the processes and educational programs in place to support this commitment. We are audited for Food Safety by Merieux NutriSciences (formerly known as Silliker Laboratories), one of the leading food safety educational and auditing firms in the world. We have consistently received a Superior Rating, the highest rating available for Food Safety year after year for the last 12 years. As a result of our audits, Merieux NutriSciences training programs and internal on-going educational programs we have been able to maintain this coveted high rating.



The quality of any offering is dependent on the quality of the processes and materials that create it. At Grateful Greens we carefully select the finest certified organic seed available as a start. Once the seed is soaked, planted and germinated, our staff applies years of experience and knowledge to assure the offering is grown to an optimal nutritional value and vibrancy. Their skill, care and experience is manifested in the quality of the organically grown Wheatgrass and Sprouts we provide.