How we grow your Sprouts and Wheatgrass

The natural beauty of greens growing is expressed in this short video via this “Greens Ballet” filmed by Blurred Line Photography. Watch the greens dance . . . . . . poetry in motion . . . . . . .

Seed and Soil Selection

All of our seed is certified organic; it’s all we offer. We go through a meticulously stepped process to select only the best organic seed available. Because we purchase large quantities of seed we need to assure it’s right before buying. We test a small quantity by growing the seed to maturity and then evaluating several aspects of the results. We’re also equally fussy about the soil we buy.

Well Water Testing

Making sure our well water is pure is an important part of assuring we offer premium quality greens. We test the well water twice each year to assure it’s free of contaminants.

Seed Soaking

The first step in the greens growing process is seed soaking. We soak seed for 6 to 8 hours and then drain the water and let it stand overnight. This prepares the seed for germination and sprouting.


We plant the seed by hand to assure even seed distribution . . . . .

Growth Cycle

The growth cycle varies by product and season of the year and ranges from 9 days to 13 days. It starts with soaking the seed, planting and then putting the greens in an environment where they’ll germinate properly. Once the seed germinates and sprouts, it’s a matter of providing the right mixture of fresh air, water and light. This process is part art and part science and here’s where experience in growing pays off.



We harvest the greens and within minutes place them in cold storage at a temperature of 38 degrees to chill them and keep them fresh. We harvest in the morning, chill (we mean chill the greens – not us) and then deliver in the late afternoon or early evening.